Samstag, 9. April 2016


Canada in Khaki No. 2: A Tribute to the Officers and Men now serving in the Overseas Military Forces of Canada,
published in 1917 by The Pictorial Newspaper Co., Ltd. (London), for the Canadian War Records Office.

This large (8 X 10.5 in.), 172 page softcover magazine is replete with stories, commentaries, poems and illustrations pertaining to the Canadian War Effort in France during WWI.

Stories include: The Corps Commander Canadians Through British Eyes Canada in Hunland We Are Winning -- But Send More Men! The Lusitania Began It Odes to Army Forms Christmas Day on Vimy Ridge (by F. A. McKenzie) A Fight With a Submarine Ye Olde Mess Tin Speakethe! The Knight-Errant from Saskatchewan (by Donovan Bayley) and more...

 Lots of black and white photos and illustrations (including quite a few cartoons), and a few color illustrations. There are 34 pages of ads

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