Samstag, 24. November 2018


Commando War Comics "All Guns Blazing" 12 action packed classics by Crows Nest from 2007. Large hardcover edition with around 780 pages in black and white print

'Achtung!', 'Banzai!', 'Donner und Blitzen!' Handle this latest bumper book of the best of Commando war stories with care. You'll need nerves of steel to cope with all the drama and the excitement, and once you've found a safe spot to settle in and open the book ...well, you'll be hooked and unable to put it down. Where else could you come across titles like Desert Fox, They Flew By Night, Sea Strike, The Death or Glory Mob or Zero Smasher. And where else could you go into action alongside a British army sergeant hunting down a Jerry tank with only his Tommy gun and a couple of grenades? Or the Lancaster pilot who knew fear until he was put behind the controls of a bomber that was jinxed? You can read all about these ordinary men turned into heroes and their stories for yourself. They are all here in this great collection of the best of Commando picture stories where all guns are blazing and every page is packed with action and adventure! Just remember ...handle with care!



War Picture Library Paperback Collection #1 "Unleash Hell" Collects 12 more of the best War Picture Library War comics ever! Published by Crows Nest in 2007. Large softcover edition with around 780 pages in black and white print.

War Picture Library was the daddy of them all - the first pocket library and for many fans, the best. The conflict that engulfed Europe forced ordinary men to give up their safe, happy lives and fight for freedom against an enemy who had been preparing for war for years. Debuting in 1958, War Picture Library celebrated the heroic actions of the Allies as they fought back on land, at sea and in the air. No theatre of conflict was igred. Written by authors who had themselves seen combat, from the baking deserts of Africa to the steaming jungles of the Far East, these complete stories gave youngsters growing up in the years after the war an answer to the question, What did you do in the war, daddy? Gathered here is some of the most striking war art ever produced, reproduced 25 per cent bigger than the originals so you can feel every bullet hit, every crashing wave and every nerve shattering explosion. This is military history as you've never read it before.