Einige Buchtitel, die bei der Beschäftigung mit der Thematik weiterhelfen können, seien hier - ohne Anspruch auf irgendeine Form einer kompletten Bibliographie - genannt:

Mike CONROY - War Comics. A Graphic History
Ilex 2009 (192 p. ill.) - ISBN: 978-1905814473

Examining how stories of conflict have been told in comics down the years, this book covers everything from EC Comics depictions of the "US Civil War" to Joe Saccos reportage on modern, assymmetric, conflicts. Comics from the First and Second World Wars are put in context, with their propaganda-driven plotlines and enemy-bashing superheroes, but the book also covers rebellious, anti-war, underground comix, horror comics, investigative journalism and more thoughtful mainstream developments such as Charleys War. "War Comics: A Graphic History" exposes this fascinating genre in all its many forms.

Evtl. sind die beiden Bände von Mike Conroy vom Inhalt her identisch!
Mike CONROY - War Stories. A Graphic History
HaperDes 2009 (192 p. ill.) - ISBN: 978-0061731129

As long as comic books have existed, there have been comics about war. War Stories: A Graphic History is the first book to examine this genre of comics in depth, tracing the development of warfare—from Thermopylae to the Napoleonic Wars; the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars to World Wars I and II; and from the Korean and Vietnam Wars to modern day conflicts—through the eyes of some of comics' greatest creators.

Evtl. sind die beiden Bände von Mike Conroy vom Inhalt her identisch!

Steve HOLLAND & David ROACH: The War Libraries. The Fleetway Picture Library Index, Vol. 1
Book Palace Books, London 2007 (196 p. ill.) - ISBN: 978-0955159626

This is the first in a series of 3 volumes chronicling the full credits of all Fleetway Picture Libraries. This volume lists full writer, artist and cover artist credits for War Picture Library #1 2083, Battle Picture Library #1 1706, Air Ace Picture Library #1 545, War At Sea Picture Library #1 36, plus Giant War Picture Library and all the Holiday Specials. An enormous undertaking that required years of research, this definitive index is an essential purchase for all fans and students of British comics. This indispensable index has over 420 cover illustrations of which 202 are in colour, including 32 colour pages of comic covers and original cover art recently discovered in the IPC warehouse. In addition there are 60 interior page illustrations and 72 full colour illustrations of original art covers. Also included is an expert detailed essay on the publishing history of these hugely popular comics. (from Amazon description) 
Adam RICHES with Tim PARKER an Robert FRANKLAND: When The Comics Went To War. Comic Book War Heroes
Mainstream Publishing Company, Edinburgh 2009 (256 p. ill.) - ISBN: 97818455965549

reich (auch farbig) illustrierte Monographie, die das Thema im Bereich der Jugendliteratur seit dem 19. Jahrhundert behandelt. Im Anhang ein von den Verfassern zusammengestellter: 'Ultimate War Comic' -

George LOW - Commando 50 Years: A Home for Heroes
Carlton Books Ltd. London 2011 (176 p. ill,) - ISBN: 978-18473228490

50 years of "Commando"...home for heroes...and still going strong! And now you...yes, YOU...can advance shoulder to shoulder with the bravest and the best through six of the finest "Commando" stories ever...brought together in this battling book for all "Commando" fans out there! When the toughest of the tough get going, the action accelerates from page to blistering page. Can you cope with the pressure? Are you sure? Good, because we're also going to unleash the stinging power of 50 full-colour covers on you as well. That's one for every hard-fought year, and you'll need nerves of steel to get in close...combat pick out the finer details of these startling illustrations. You just know it will be well worth the risk. And all the gen from the classified documents which shield the secrets of "Commando" comic books will be there too for you to explore and enjoy. The truth is revealed about the 50-year fight from day one of a carefully planned and well executed campaign to bring you the best of the action to rock you right back on your heels. You've proved you can take all that's thrown at you by reading this far, so don't miss out on this mother of all battle books. Remember what they say. Who dares wins...and that could be YOU! (Werbetext Amazon)
David ROACH: - AARRGGHH!! It's  War.
[The Best War Comic Art from Air Ace Picture Library, Battle Picture Library, War Picture Library, War at Sea Picture Library]
A Prion Book, Carlton Books, London 2007 (400 p, ill.) - ISBN: 978-1-85375-633-7

- durchgängig farbig illustriert. empfehlenswerter Bildband mit kurzen informativen Texten, Künstlerregister -
David ROACH - Art of War [More of the Best Cover Art from "War", "Battle", "Air Ace" and "War at Sea" Picture Libraries]
A Prion Book, Carlton Books, London 2008 (400 p, ill.) - ISBN: 978-1853756627

durchgängig farbig illustriert. empfehlenswerter Bildband mit kurzen informativen Texten, Künstlerregister -
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